Our Strategy

Matthew 13:23
“The seed that fell on good soil represents those
who truly hear and understand God’s word and
produce a harvest of thirty, sixty, or even a hundred
times as much as had been planted!”

We need Good Soil + Good Seed to get Multiplying Fruit!

Our Values

God Encounters
God Encounters
God Encounters
Spirit-filled – We are a Spirit-filled church with charismatic worship, that bears the fruit of the Spirit, practices spiritual gifts, and embraces the wisdom and baptism of the Holy Spirit
Creativity – We are a church that recognizes the creativity that God has given to humanity, and as such, encourages one another to be creative in our life of faith together

Honor – We are a church where each person is given honor, respect, value and importance as the workmanship of God
Authenticity – We are a church where people can be honest about their lives and find fellowship and healing at the cross

Opportunities for Challenge
Missions – We are a church that loves the nations of the world and is committed to the proclamation of the gospel to all people so they may embrace the love of Christ and grow in their relationships with Him
Service – We are a church that encourages every family member to find fulfillment in serving the needs of others out of a heart that has been served by Jesus

Word of God
Truth – We uphold the continuity of the universal Church’s essential doctrine from past to present
Integrity – By God’s grace we deal with people, money and problems with the truth of God’s Word