Benevolence Policy

1. Benevolence shall not exceed $150 per year for individuals unaffiliated with The Bridge CF.
2. Benevolence shall not exceed $500 per year for individuals who are members of The Bridge CF.
3. Benevolence requests must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to their requested deadline. Anything requiring assistance less than 24 hours in advance can not be guaranteed to move forward in the application process.
4. Help is limited utility assistance in the event that a valid cut-off notice is provided.
5. The Bridge CF will assist on rare occasions with hotel rooms, food or gas cards, and other verifiable expenses.
6. The Bridge CF does not provide assistance for rent, bills that have not provided a cut-off notice, or utilities that have already been cut off.
7. Applicants can always call the church office if they have questions or concerns about the application process, or to receive prayer and encouragement at 757-546-8414.

Application Process

1. All individuals must begin the application process by completing the online benevolence form found at For those in need, a paper copy of the application can be made available from the church office.
2. Completed applications will be submitted for review by the benevolence board. This part of the process can take up to 24 hours to complete.
3. Those proceeding onto the next part of the application process will undergo a brief phone interview with a member of our benevolence board. This is an opportunity to ask questions about your application and to hear more about your circumstance.
4. The final step in the application process is to submit a copy of your cut-off notice. This can be faxed to 757-482-3663, scanned and emailed to, or dropped off in person. Requests for cut-off assistance will not be accepted until a valid cut-off notice has been received by the church office.